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An organization can not achieve its goals without training initiatives. NH&MP Training College has done a commendable job in maintaining the standards according to the much acclaimed goodwill of the department.The vision of making this force at par with policing outfits of the developed countries will hopefully be materialized through continuous improvement of training facilities and human resources.......
Training plays a pivotal role in producing a professional, efficient and service oriented human resource. The primary function of this institute is to achieve the mission and objectives of NH&MP, by imparting training based on customized curriculum and modern training techniques devised on the basis of Training Needs Analysis (TNA). The secondary aim is to export the best practices and sound principles of NH&MP to other government organizations......
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Our mission

To improve and strengthen the professional capabilities of NH&MP Personnel in a dynamic learning environment and to make it an aspiring model for other public & private training organizations to serve as a center of excellence in road safety.

National Highways & Motorway Police training College Sheikhupura achieved a respectable status among the comity of Police Training Institutes in a short span of time. It has become a role model due to its unique features of training programs i.e. combining training and education in order to provide its trainees with the professional skills, leadership qualities and decision-making abilities required to maintain an ordered and safe society...

Training Schedule
NH&MP Training College offers training through...

In order to promote healthy activities among the trainees and staff of NH&MP Training College, two friendly flood-light cricket matches were played in the college play ground on 08-09-2016. The first match was played between the trainees of Promotional and Probationer Courses which was won by the former team. The second match was played between the CPO (Admin) XI and CPO (Training) XI which was won by the CPO (Training) XI with one run. The guest of honour, Mr. Khalid Mahmood (Commandant of the college), gave away trophies to the Captains of the winning teams. He also played from the CPO (Training) team and played a pivotal role in the victory of his team by making the highest score and remaining not out....See More

A “Road Safety Seminar” was held at NH&MP Training College Sheikhupura on 30-08-16. The Seminar consisted of two sessions. The first session was presided over by Mr. Jehangir Nawaz (CPO/ DSP Admin). The second session was presided over by Mr. Khalid Mahmood (DIG/ Commandant) of the College. During the first session Mr. Ghulam Qadir Sandhu (CPO Training), Mr. Naseem Abbass (CLI), Mr. Zulfiqar Ali (Law Instructor) and Mr. Khalid Mahmood (Law Instructor) delivered lectures on various topics in relation to, “Road Safety”. In the second session, Mr. Sarmad Saeed (Ex-Addl. IGP Punjab), who was the guest speaker, delivered a comprehensive lecture on the topice of, “Stress Management”. The trainees of different training courses, drivers of various transport companies and staff of the training college attended the Seminar as participants and were thoroughly enlightened by the respected speakers and their knowledge regarding Road Safety issues in Pakistan.....See More

On 23-08-16, an operational meeting was held in the conference room of NH&MP Training College, Sheikhupura. Mr. Shaukat Hayat, the Inspector General of NH&MP, presided over the meeting whereas various zonal and sector commanders along with the Commandant of the college were the participants. The chair was given power-point presentations by various zones and apprised of different on-going development projects. During the meeting, several decisions regarding future plans of NH&MP were taken. After the meeting, the I.G.P. visited various portions of the college, inspected several development projects and laid foundation stones of the extension of New Academic Block & Mess Hall as well as establishment of new Cafeteria in Driving School...See More

NH&MP Training College has always endeavoured to impart qualitative training to its trainees and special efforts shall always be made to groom the trainee officers in accordance with the core values of NH&MP i.e. Honesty, Courtesy and Help. This was expressed during the “Welcome Address” to the participants of 6 th Probationer Class Course of NH&MP. Mr. Jahangir Nawaz (CPO Admin) and Mr. Ghulam Qadir (CPO Training), while addressing the trainees, congratulated the audience for being selected in officer cadre and purely on merit and hoped that they will leave no stone unturned to go through the training process with Zeal, zest and enthusiasm.

It is a matter of pride and pleasure for the administration of NH&MP Training College to inform that the video of Passing-out Parade held on 29-07-16, has been uploaded on our website as well as the facebook. The link is given below to visualize/download the Parade.......
5th NH&MP & 2nd Lahore Ring Road Police Passing out Parade Ceremony.

5th NH&MP & 2nd Lahore Ring Road Police Probationer's Passing out Parade Ceremony

On 29 July, 2016, Passing out Ceremony was held in NH&MP Training College , Sheikhupura. A total of 275 Probationer trainee officers participated in the ceremony. Out of it, 139 were from Lahore Ring Road Police. Chief Guest DIG/ Commandant Khalid Mahmood, in his address to the ceremony commended the endeavors of college staff for arranging successful passing out parade ceremony. He said that the objective of training is to inculcate attitudinal change, conduct and discipline in the officers . He further told that NH&MP training college is providing training not only to NH&MP officers but also to the officers of other police outfits, multinational companies. In the end, he congratulated all the trainees on successful completion of their training. ....See More

In the wake of Eid-ul-Fitar, a grand dinner was arranged for the staff as well as the trainees of NH&MP Training College in the college premises on 27-07-2016. DIG/ Commandant, Mr. Khalid Mahmood, along with all the office-bearers of the college participated in the ceremony. He met a large number of trainees sporadically and inquired of their standard of training, problems and suggestions for improvement etc. All the trainees gave vent to their opinions and expressed their satisfaction over the process of training, imparted to them. ....See More

NH&MP Training College observed Black Day over Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir

On the direction of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, a “Black Day” was observed in NH&MP Training College on 20-07-2016. The objective of observing the said day was to condemn the brutalities and atrocities of Indian Army with the Kashmiri People. On the said occasion, the Commandant, Staff and all the trainees of the college wore black strips on their forearms....See More

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