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About Us

In 1997 , National Highways & Motorways Police Training wing launched its first training activity at Police College Sihala in collaboration with National Police Academy. Foreign Trainers, from England, were commissioned with the task of preparing master trainers, who could further impart training by themselves; The purpose of hiring the foreign trainers was also to attune the force personnel with international standards, such standards were observed in modern operating procedures, traffic management and logistics; Most of the equipment, to be used in field operations, was procured from Canada. Thus, this training laid a solid foundation on which training wing could further build on 250 officers were trained at that initial stage by the Training Wing.

  • Shaukat Hayat

    IG Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam,PSP

    An organization can not achieve its goals without training initiatives. NH&MP Training College has done a commendable job in maintaining the standards according to the much acclaimed goodwill of the department. . .

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  • Khalid Mahmood, PSP

    DIG Khalid Mahmood, PSP

    Training plays a pivotal role in producing a professional, efficient and service-oriented human resource. The primary function of NH&MP Training College is to achieve the mission and objectives of NH&MP by imparting training, based on customized curriculum and modern training techniques that are devised on the basis of Training Needs Analysis (TNA)...

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  • Salient Features

    1 The Only Traffic Management College in the Country.

    2 Trains and develops master trainers in traffic management for NH&MP and as well as for other departments.

    3 In this college all the training material is available in power point presentations.

    4 All the course material is available in Urdu as well as English scripts.

    5 Conducive training environment.

    6 Modern instructional techniques.

    7 Character building.

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  • Philosophy

    NH&MP Training College requires a professional working environment where all trainees can enrich themselves by mutual learning environment. We are truly committed to the triad of duty, honor, and service for our trainees, personnel, and instructional staff. We aim to present the most modern trends in police setup.
    Preparing our officers to be the leaders and excellent professionals of their practical field, is the focus of all College efforts. The impact of our trained officers on the whole society is overwhelmingly positive by being a role model for other policing outfits.
    Those, chosen to teach at the College, are on the leading edge in developing new and innovative strategic approaches that enable officers to assist their community in maintaining a safe society. ...

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  • Objective

    To offer and undertake advanced training in the fields of leadership, management & administration, proactive policing, community policing and trainer’s training.

    To train the officers in a professional manner, so that they may improve their performance in the field.

    To replicate the successful management and training systems of NH&MP in other policing setups.

    To impart physical as well as practical and theoretical trainings to all trainee officers by utilizing modern teaching techniques.

    To accommodate and train the promoted officers for their new responsibilities by virtue of their new ranks. ...

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Our Mission
To improve and strengthen the professional capabilities of NH&MP Personnel in a dynamic learning environment and to make it an aspiring model for other public & private training organizations to serve as a center of excellence in road safety.
National Highways & Motorway Police training College Sheikhupura achieved a respectable status among the comity of Police Training Institutes in a short span of time. It has become a role model due to its unique features of training programs i.e. combining training and education in order to provide its trainees with the professional skills, leadership qualities and decision-making abilities required to maintain an ordered and safe society.
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NH&MP Training College Sheikhupura

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Mess Night 30-03-2017

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NH&MP Training College Sheikhupura

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NH&MP Training College Sheikhupura

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