NH & MP |Training College Sheikhupura

A capacity building workshop on “Supervision, Management & Leadership” was held at NH&MP Training College Sheikhupura. NH&MP officers from Motorway Zone, N-5 North and Central Zones attended the workshop. Purpose of the workshop was to discuss new concepts of Supervision, Management & Leadership with the officers of NH&MP to enhance their management capabilities. Different characteristics of an effective & efficient leadership & management were shared with the participants. The officers were encouraged to give vent to their hidden qualities of a good leader or manager through different work sheets. Different proposals were noted down for consideration and submission to high-ups. The participants provided following feedback: “This particular workshop should be mandatory for all CPOs and Admin Officers of NH&MP, so that they can practice the new and effective ideas of management & leadership. Duration of the workshop should be extended to 02- 03 days to learn in detail the new concepts of management.”